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5 Benefits to Choosing Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatment

Written By Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage on February 3, 2020

Auto Injury Treatment in Rochester MinnesotaMinnesota residents are no strangers to car accidents.

In 2018, 173 thousand people found themselves in an auto accident on Minnesota roads – an average of 76 reported injuries per day.

Rochester is also one of the top three counties for injuries too.

Seeking prompt auto injury treatment after an accident is critical to avoiding long-term pain and complications. 

Why Choose Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident?

Wondering why chiropractic is the right choice after an auto accident? 

  1. It’s safe and effective: Studies show that patients often find relief from chiropractic care faster than general care or physical therapy alone.
  2. It’s affordable: Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care after an auto accident. At Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage, we offer economical flat rates and packages for cash patients.
  3. It’s proactive: 45% of people with chronic neck pain can trace the source back to a vehicle accident so prompt treatment is important.
  4. It’s fast: After your initial consultation, regular adjustments usually only take a few minutes.
  5. It’s natural: Your chiropractor will never prescribe dangerous narcotics.

Comprehensive Auto Injury Treatment in Rochester, MN

Dr. Matt Suntken has over a decade of experience providing high-quality chiropractic care to the Rochester community. On your first visit, Dr. Suntken will ask questions about your symptoms (if any), accident, and medical history. 

He’ll also order x-rays to help him understand the extent of any potential injuries. Keep in mind that many injuries – especially whiplash – are so microscopic that they won’t show up in x-rays. That’s why prompt treatment is critical regardless of how you feel.

Depending on your specific injury, Dr. Suntken will likely recommend gentle chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

Don’t wait for symptoms to get worse. Help your body heal right now by scheduling an appointment at Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage or calling 507-206-6334.

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