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5 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc

Written By Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage on December 3, 2019

Man with disc pain A bulging (or herniated) disc is an exceptionally painful condition that occurs when a lumbar disc slips of out of place, causing it to interfere with proper alignment. Bulging disc treatment may involve spinal decompression therapy, which utilizes specialty equipment to stretch the spine back into place. Signs you may have a bulging disc include: 

1. Muscle Spasms 

In conjunction with a herniated disc, muscle spasms occur once the surrounding muscle tissue becomes compromised and overburdened, causing the muscle to react to the aggravation. Muscle spasms are painful in and of themselves, and coupled with a bulging disc can cause intolerable pain.

2. Tingling Sensations

If you feel tingling in the shoulders, upper back or arms, this could be linked to an upper back herniated disc. Contrary to popular belief, a bulging disc is not necessarily located in the lower back – and can actually occur in any area along the spine. 

3. Sciatica Pain 

If a bulging disc specifically aggravates the sciatic nerve, the result could be radiating pain along the hip, buttock, and leg (limited to one side or the other). This type of bulging disc is incredibly painful and can actually cause people to miss work or other obligations due to the pain. Fortunately, with tools like spinal decompression and regular spinal manipulation, this level of pain can quickly be a distant memory. 

4. Radiating Upper Back Pain

A mid-back bulging disc can cause an odd mix of symptoms including thoracic pain, abdominal discomfort, and mid-back pain. Of course, severe abdominal pain should never be ignored and could be indicative of a multitude of serious health problems. However, if other conditions have been ruled out, a middle-lumbar herniated disc may be to blame. 

5. Numbness

In addition to pain, a bulging disc can cause numbness in the extremities, including the feet and hands. This numbness may be accompanied by tingling sensation or a stand-alone symptom. Like the other symptoms listed, numbness should never be ignored – and patients should seek medical care if numbness suddenly occurs.

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