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Beyond the Spine: Extremity Adjustments

Written By Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage on July 3, 2019

Woman getting chiropractic care The human body is a complex network, and many do not realize that the various musculoskeletal structures are intricately connected to one another. While chiropractic healing arts often focus on spinal adjustments to correct symptoms of pain, stiffness, and malaise, adjustments to the extremities are an increasingly useful tool as well.

Here in Rochester, Quality Life Chiropractic is one of the few providers offering this centuries-old, common sense solution to joint pain – as we believe in treating the whole body beyond the spine and neck.

Working with an Extremity Chiropractor

An experienced extremity chiropractor like Dr. Suntken can make all the difference in pain and joint tenderness by working with any of the following systems:

  • Feet and Ankles: Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints. For some, a collapsed or pronated (unnaturally rotated) foot arch may be to blame – which can cause unbalance in the tibia, femur, and pelvis, causing lumbar discomfort.

  • Shoulders: Misaligned shoulders can frequently cause patients to experience upper and mid-back pain, along with headaches and stiffness. Consistent extremity adjustments in this area can provide quick relief.

  • Hands and wrists: An adjustment to the delicate bones of the hand or wrist can bring about relief for swelling joints and acute pain for some patients.

  • Knees and elbows: Just like the hands and wrists, an adjustment for some patients can result in relief for swelling joints and acute pain.

Extremity adjusting is a unique skill that not just any chiropractor can (or will) perform. In Rochester, we are proud to offer this service to our patients to offer relief beyond the spine and neck.

Call today to discuss extremity adjustment and all-natural pain management for joint soreness and discomfort –507-206-6334.

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