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Family Wellness - Checking Your Child's Posture

Written By Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage on April 5, 2021

rsz pediatricchiropractic2When you're trying to maintain your family's health and wellbeing, likely one of the last things on your mind is checking your child's posture as they move about their day. However, as your young one gets older, poor posture behaviors become second nature when not corrected, and that can lead to chronic aches and pains down the line. 

Family Chiropractic Care: How Important is Checking a Child's Posture?

Checking your child's posture from an early age is vital in their growth. Remember: your children's bodies are growing at a rapid rate, and when posture problems go unchecked, any irregularities become that child's "normal." Then, when you finally try to teach them what proper posture is later on, they will find it challenging to adjust to. 

Even worse is that poor posture can lead to:

  • Poor circulation throughout the body
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irritability/mood disorders
  • Chronic neck strain, leading to chronic pain in the neck and head
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Difficulty breathing

Without proper correction, your child could be at higher risk of more frequent aches and pains, something no parent wants to see their kids go through. 

Correct Your Child's Posture in 3 Simple Steps

Teaching your children how to correct their posture isn't exactly easy, especially at a young age. However, with these three tips, you'll be able to help your child keep a smile on their face and less time dealing with aches and pains:

1. Use Props to Establish Good Posture While Sitting

Our furniture simply isn't built with children in mind. So, while they are sitting at your kitchen table or on the sofa, use various props to help them maintain proper sitting posture. This can mean utilizing a flipped over laundry basket as a footrest to help them keep their legs appropriately aligned while sitting or even using certain pillows behind their back to encourage them to sit upright while on the sofa. 

2. Make Sure They Are Taking Breaks from Daily Activities 

As with adults, you want to make sure your children are getting up and walking around throughout their day, giving them a break from whatever they've been doing. Make sure they are getting up and stretching every 30 minutes or so. 

3. If They Use a Backpack, Make Sure It is Worn Properly

Backpacks are meant to be helpful; however, they tend to be more problematic than anything. They're either worn incorrectly, too large for the child, or simply are too heavy. Ensure you are taking the time to clean your child's bag to ensure it's not too heavy (no more than 10-15% of body weight), and make sure you are purchasing a bag for their size and fitting the strap properly. 

Family Chiropractic Care at Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage

Learning about proper posture at a young age can help save your child from years of aches and pains later on down the line. So, start helping them correct any posture issues while they are young, and before long, it will be second nature.

Need some help with assessing your child's posture? Then schedule an appointment today by calling (507) 206-6334 to speak with our team.

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