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How to Prevent Neck Pain While Sitting at Your Computer Desk

Written By Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage on November 1, 2019

Man with neck pain at computer deskWork seems like the least likely of places to avoid pain in the neck. However, it is possible, particularly if you pay careful attention to the setup of your desktop and work station. When it comes to ergonomics, investing in a comfortable chair, mouse pad and keyboard are great first steps. However, for many of our cubicle-bound patients, we recommend a certain type of desk proven to promote healthy posture, weight distribution and a more natural approach to the daily grind for neck pain treatment.

The Sit-Stand Desk

For decades, office workers have clung to the traditional notion that desk work can only be accomplished seated at an uncomfortable work station. Nowadays, we know better. One of the most orthopedically sound inventions to come out since the decompression table is known as the “sit-stand desk” – and its function is as practical as it sounds. 

As the name suggests, a sit-stand desk allows the worker a choice between sitting and standing while completing computer tasks. If computer work is beginning to drag on, the sit-stand desk can easily be converted to the standing position without engaging in an annoying reorganization of computer wires and components. In other words, these desks effortlessly lift to standing height (and safely lock into place) to allow for a healthy period of work time standing upright. 

Neck Pain Treatment

For painful chronic neck pain, we offer an array of pain relief services to help patients feel better after a long day on the job. From traditional spinal manipulation to regular massage therapy, neck pain treatment requires a custom-tailored holistic approach. In addition to recommending certain lifestyle improvements like the sit-stand desk, our professional team will recommend a specific treatment plan to combat neck pain at its source. 

Contact Dr. Suntken at Qualify Life Chiropractic & Massage in Rochester today. We can help you achieve neck pain relief! You can reach our office online or by calling 507-206-6334. 

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