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New Patient Center

Welcome to Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage located in Rochester, MN.

Throughout the About Chiropractic section of our website, we have covered in detail about the common health conditions that Chiropractors provide care for on a regular basis. Rochester, MN Chiropractor Dr. Matt Suntken utilizes chiropractic care along with massage therapy, nutrition, stretches, exercises, and education to provide the best care for his patients.

We provide our patients and prospective patients with information about their health condition so that they may make more informed decisions in respect to their health and chiropractic care. Additionally, having a better grasp of what is wrong has been shown to significantly increase the outcome of their treatment.

If you are currently suffering from pain, a health condition, would like to find out more information about us, or have a health problem you're not sure we can treat, contact our office in Rochester, MN at (507) 206-6334 to schedule either a consult or a new patient appointment with our chiropractor.

Chiropractor Rochester MN 55901

Dr. Matt Suntken

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