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Massage Therapy Team

Rochester MN



I have been practicing massage since I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Carrington College in San Jose, CA in 2010. I've been with Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage in Rochester MN since March 2011.

My favorite part about practicing Massage Therapy is the opportunity to see people experience the many unexpected benefits of massage. I love to see my clients shocked when they feel better. Most people don't expect massage to be a real solution to their pain, but it can provide short-term relief that feels good in the moment along with long-term healing and relief of pain and other symptoms.

Practicing deep tissue massage is the technique I enjoy the most. If someone comes in with pain in a specific area I enjoy locating the source of the pain and restoring proper muscle function and relieving tension. Working in a chiropractic setting provides the opportunity to help patients with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from migraines to plantar fasciitis. Most commonly, back, neck and shoulder pain. I enjoy working with Chiropractor Dr. Matt Suntken at Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage in Rochester MN to help people feel better and be healthier!


I've been practicing Massage Therapy since 2012. I graduated from the Minnesota School of Business in St. Cloud. I've been with Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage in Rochester MN since December 2013.

What I love most about massaging clients is helping them feel better whether I'm helping to relieve pain or relieve stress. I enjoy it even more when I see clients on a regular basis and I can witness their improvement and how massages are benefiting their quality of life.

Deep tissue massages and reflexology are the techniques I like to practice the most. With deep tissue massages I can help clients relieve muscle tension and pain so they can heal and recover from their injury. I enjoy practicing Reflexology because of the many benefits it provides by working on a clients hands and feet. Working with Rochester MN Chiropractor Dr. Matt Suntken has allowed me to continue my education in Massage Therapy and allow me to educate my clients.

ent in massage and learn new techniques along the way.


I grew up in North Dakota, spent five years in Duluth and moved to Rochester Minnesota in 2016. I am a recent graduate from the Salon Professional Academy here in Rochester, MN and will be starting with Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage in February.

Before my massage career I was a Licensed Social Worker working in adult mental health and as a hospital social worker. One of the things that I enjoy about massage is that it is still a helping profession. Now instead of assisting people with their social and emotional life, I am helping people live their best lives physically.

The modalities I use are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Pre-natal, and Sports. My favorite way to massage is using a mix of Swedish and Deep Tissue. Mixing the Deep Tissue with a firm Swedish massage is a good way to introduce pressure for those new to deep tissue. I love to see and hear the difference in clients after massage sessions with increase range of motion and a decrease in tension!

Front Office


I grew up in Cottage Grove, MN and have degree in Radiation Therapy for treating cancer patients. Dr. Matt Suntken and I met a year before he graduated Chiropractic school. We then moved to Rochester MN to open Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage in 2008. The first few years I helped on and off with the clinic and became full-time. Now I'm the Front Office Manager and handle all of the scheduling, billing, and advertising.

I enjoy getting to know all of our clients and knowing that we are helping to improve their quality of life through chiropractic, nutrition, and massage. This career and environment has even helped me to learn more about how I can be healthier overall. I love to cook so I'm always looking up recipes and learning how to use food as a tool for being healthier.

The other really nice thing about working at Quality Life Chirorpactic & Massage is the convience of being able to get my chirorpactic adjustments and deep tissue massages on a regular basis.

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