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Initial Visit with the Chiropractor

Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage Rochester, MN

What to Bring

Please bring your photo ID.


When you arrive at Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage in Rochester, MN, we will have you complete the necessary paperwork for the chiropractor. The paperwork provides the chiropractor with history and general information about yourself and your condition.Chiropractic & Massage front Office in Rochester, MN 55901

New Patient Paperwork.pdf

***Please let us know if your completing the paperwork ahead of time, it may change your arrival time for your chiroprcatic appointment. Thank you.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices.pdf Last updated 12-18-2018.

History and Chiropractic Examination

In order for the Chiropractor to determine what your actual problem is, Dr. Suntken will ask you various questions related to your history and condition. Next, a number of specialized chiropractic tests will be performed to determine which tissues are affected and to what extent.

X-ray Studies

Your specific condition may require the chiropractor to refer you out for x-rays, to either rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective chiropractic treatment plan for you.

Same Day Chiropractic Treatment

After the history and chiropractic examination, patientswill generally

have their first chiropractic treatment during this same visit. Chiropractor Dr. Matt Suntken may recommend additional chiropractic adjustments and/or massage therapy.

Home Instructions

Chiropractor Dr. Matt Suntken may give you some instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home and or work. This may include ice or heat application instructions, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches. The home instructions from the chiropractor are important in helping to speed up recovery and the healing process.

Your Next Chiropractic Appointment

Typically Chiropractor Dr. Matt Suntken will see patients within a couple of days for the next appointment. Treatment options and frequency for your condition will also be discussed in more detail during this time. Depending on your condition he may go over stetches and/or exercises for you to do along with a cpy of the exercises to take home.

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